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Let industrial lift tables manage your heavy lifts

Sax Lift has a large selection and variety of of industrial lift table models in stock - ready for delivery.

Sax Lift stands for reliability with high safety standards and CE-marked products. We have a large selection of scissor lift solutions and spare parts in stock.

We have always have more than a 1000 lift tables in stock ready for dispatch within 24 h.

Image of a industrial lift table
Mobile scissor lift

Mobile lift trolleys
Mobile lift tables from 150 to 1000 kg


scissor lift

Stationary lift table
Stationary hydraulic tables 500 to 6000 kg


high lift table

High Lift tables
Lift table from 1,2 meters to 3,5 meters



Our standard lift table are available in our web shop. Get a 2% discount on the list price by ordering and paying online



Give us a call and our expert team will provide you with help and ideas for your new scissor lift solution. We’ve been in the market since 1993 and have accumulated experience and knowledge. 



When you contact us with a need, we will quote youwith a solution designed excactly for your needs.



Already know which lift table you are looking for?


Single scissor lift platform

Single scissor lift platforms

The most common and widely used scissor lift table is the single scissor type. These tables are used in different industries and can be used for a variety of purposes.

Scissor lift tables can be mounted directly onto the floor or in a pit. Installation in a pit ensures that the top plate is flush with the surrounding floor.

Dobbelt horisontalt løftebord

Double horizontal scissor lift tables

Double horizontal scissor lift tables are ideal for lifting long and heavy loads. They can also be used when a very large working area is needed.

All Sax Lift scissor lift tables are tested before dispatch and delivered ready to use.

lavt løftebord

Low profile scissor lift tables

The use of the low profile scissor lift tables makes it possible to load the lift table with a pallet trolley without building a pit.

Due to the low minimum height a pallet can be placed directly on top of the lift table using a pallet trolley.

You can choose an option with a ramp or with a U-shaped gap.

højt løftebord

High lifts with double scissors

Sax Lift vertical scissor lift tables have 2 or more scissors on top of each other.  

These lift tables are ideal for high reach/lifts. 

It is important to anchor the lift table to the floor with expansion bolts or similar.

sax lift løftebord

Tested and safe work tables

We have high focus on safety and all Sax Lift tables’ standard equipment include:

  1. Hose burst valve
  2. Maintenance safety legs
  3. Safety anti-trap bar and
  4. CEE-plug - and more.

All finalized scissor lift tables are Sax Lift tested for quality prior to dispatch. All our lift tables are CE-marked and comply with EN 1570-1 + A1, 2. version 2014-10-09.

We have over 1000 lift tables in stock ready for dispatch within 24 h

We have scissor lift tables with lifting capacities between 500 kg and 6000 kg.

Our lift tables fit any need from small component handling to the largest loading bay platforms, and all industries with lifting - for example industrial and manufacturing companies, storage and logistic facilities, workshops etc.

All units are Sax Lift tested before dispatch and delivered ready to use.

Examples of add-ons and bespoke solutions

Besides the standard selection, Sax Lift delivers solutions with add-on equipment and customized performance to fit your specific lifting needs.

A casters frame / wheel chassis makes a standard scissor lift table mobile. A mobile scissor lift table has 2 fixed wheels and 2 swivel wheels with brakes. With a truck handling chassis the lift table can be moved with a forklift.

It is possible to make the lift table’s top plate a bespoke size. A turntable, a tilt or a tilt and turn function can be added on to the top plate.


All Sax Lift tables come with one hand-held control unit by standard. Several controllers can be added on one lift table, for example a foot pedal or just an extra hand-held controller.

All scissor lift tables can be delivered galvanized/metallized. We have certain models in stock ready galvanized.

Railings, gates and door locks – Bellows – Steel mesh curtain

Aluminum treadplate – Photocell – Limit switch – Inductive censor

Løftebord med drejeplade
Løftebord med hjul
Løftebord med truckramme
Løftebord med ramme
Løftebord med trådnet
Løftebord med bælg


Our products live up to the highest safety standards, and safety is in focus in everything we do.



Durability grants years of reliable, effective and problem-free operation.


Flexibility in our products and solutions gives a long-lived effectiveness.

Sax Lift A/S