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Lift Tables in Stainless-Steel in all sizes
– compact, standard, and heavy duty

Stainless steel lift tables are durable and easy to clean. They are ideal for hygienic environments and withstand corrosion in humid environments. Stainless steel provides an aesthetically appealing and clean surface.

Sax Lift offers a variety of stainless steel solutions for industries with high standards and requirements, such as food and beverage production and pharmaceutical and medical industries.

Image of a light weight Stainless Steel lift table

Sax Lift stainless steel lift tables are manufactured from AISI 304 or 316 (1.4491), with cylinders and components in AISI 304. Stainless steel AISI 316 on all large surfaces allow the use of stronger detergents for cleaning the lift table.

By standard, Sax Lift tables operate on 3-phase 400V 50Hz power, and other configurations are available. All Sax Lift tables are tested before dispatch and are delivered CE-marked and ready for use.

We have over 25 years of experience in the manufacturing of hydraulic scissor lift tables.


Get any of our Scissor Lift table as a Stainless-Steel Lift table

image of products we make as stainless-steel lift table
image of products we make as stainless steel lift table
image of products we make as stainless steel lift table

Sax Lift, a leading supplier of lifting table solutions

It is very well known that Sax lift has a large product range within stationary, mobile and customized lifting table solutions.

From a well-assorted standard range of stationary lift tables, simple lifting solutions are offered for every type of needs.
Our standard Mobile scissor lift solutions cover widely and easely handles goods from 150 to 1000kg. and up to 1,5 meters lifting heights.

Image of Team Sax Lift

In stock gaurantee = Fast delivery

Our production and shipping department is both well-functioning and efficient. 

Sax Lift handle a large number of lifting tables every day, and securing our customer deliveries, by having at least 1000 units in stock.

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Customized Solutions

Even though our product range contains more 1000 standard units, more than 50% of our business is customized solutions.

Our Lift Table Specialists have solid technical knowledge and always provides the best solution that fits customer needs. We have so much experience in solving the needs in almost any kind of business.

Quick customer response

As a united entity we work with common values

- Results-oriented
- Keep it simple
- Keep it quick 
- Business integrity
- Credibility
- A good business for both parties

image of Sax Lift stock
image of Sax Lift stock
image of Sax Lift stock