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Low profile scissor lift tables

Low profile lift tables are the optimal solution for, for example, packaging lines and palletizing areas. The low profile lift tables from Sax Lift are suitable for loading with a pallet truck, without building a pit. The low overall height of 85 mm makes it possible to place a pallet directly on the table using a hand pallet truck rolling on the ramp or running between the scissors of the U-table. The U-shaped is designed so that most pallet truck types can run into the opening. The U-platform fits perfectly with EU standard pallets.

Do you have special requirements and needs that our standard tables cannot satisfy, we also make customized tables for each client's individual needs - see more under customized lift tables.

Do you need extra equipment - see more under ´extra equipment´.

The use of lift tables ensures the employees optimal working conditions, avoiding repetitive heavy lifting, and therefore also many health issues etc. The company experiences happier employees, which means less sickness absence and improved economy and


If our super low lift table isn´t suitable for the task, we have a wide range of other standard tables. The single scissor lift table is the most used type and this table meets most needs. If you need high lifts, a double scissor table could be your solution, it can lift from 1.75 meter to more than 4 meters. If you need to lift very long items, a tandem lift table is certainly your solution, standard tables can handle items up to a length of 4.4 meter.

We always have a minimum of 1,000 quality tables in stock ready for shipment within 24 hours at competitive prices.

All lift tables from Sax Lift are tested before shipment - and also delivered ready-to-use. The tables are also CE marked and comply with the requirements of EN 1570-1 + A1, 2nd version 2014-10-09.

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Product overview Click here

Our lift tables can also be delivered in custom sizes. Click here

Show: 1 - 8 out of 8

Product overview Click here

Our lift tables can also be delivered in custom sizes. Click here

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