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Mobile Scissor Lift Tables,  manual + electric

Sax lift provides standard mobile scissor lift tables with lifting capacity from 150 kg to 1000 kg. Our lift tables are suitable for all your needs. 

Sax Lift offers the largest available product range within mobile lifting solutions. We have an in stock guarantee and fast delivery. 

All products are CE-certified and comply with the requirements of EN 1570-1 + A1, 2nd version 2014-10-09.

image of a standard mobile lift table
image of electric mobile lift table
image of mobile lift table range

Manual tables

Sax Lift offers manual mobile lift tables both with a screw-type mechanical lift platform and with hydraulic lifting.

The mechanical model, I300, is lifted and lowered using a handle. I300 is our most economical solution, and is suitable for environments where hydraulics are not allowed.

We offer several models of manual mobile lift tables in the hydraulic range, ranging between 150 kg to 1000 kg. The hydraulic manual lift tables are lifted with a foot pump and lowered with a handle.

The top plate sizes range from 700 x 450 mm up to 1200 x 800 mm. Please visit our website to see all the options available.

Electrical tables

An electrical mobile lift table removes all physical effort from your work flow. An electrical mobile lift table comes with a 12V battery and is operated with a dead-man’s switch.

The battery has an indicator for when it needs to be recharged. A mobile lift table can be charged when it's not being used. You can use the downtime to charge your lift table - over night or between shifts.

1x230V power is used for charging an electrical lift table.


Our standard mobile lift table are available in our web shop.

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Give us a call and our expert team will provide you with help and ideas for your new scissor lift solution. We’ve been in the market since 1993 and have accumulated experience and knowledge. 



When you contact us with a need, we will quote you with a solution designed exactly for your needs.

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Already know which lift table you are looking for?

Customized solutions for your specific needs

Sax Lift is with more than 27 years of experience and is a leading supplier of mobile scissor lift tables, scissor lifts and customized lifting solutions.

We have mobile lift tables tailored to your individual needs - for further information please get in touch with our Lifting Solution Specialists. 

Team Sax Lift

Sax Lift, a leading supplier of lifting table solutions

It is commonly known in the industry that Sax Lift has a large product range within stationary lift tables, mobile and customized lifting table solutions.

From a well-assorted standard range of stationary scissor lift tables, Sax Lift offers simple lifting solutions for every type of need.

Our standard Mobile scissor lift solutions cover widely and handle goods from 150 to 1000 kg and up to 1,5 meters lifting heights with ease.

Team Sax Lift

In stock guarantee = Fast delivery

Our production and shipping department is both well-functioning and efficient. 

Sax Lift handles a large number of lifting tables every day, and by having at least 1000 units in stock customer deliveries are secured.

Customized Lift table Solutions

Even though our product range contains more 1000 standard units, more than 50% of our business is customized solutions.

Our Lift Table Specialists have solid technical knowledge and always provide the best solution that fits customer needs.

We are experienced in solving any kind of needs - in almost any kind of industry.

Quick customer response

At Sax Lift we work as a united entity and based on a common set of values

- Results-oriented
- Keep it simple
- Keep it quick 
- Business integrity
- Credibility
- A good business for both parties

image of Sax Lift stock
image of Sax Lift stock
image of Sax Lift stock